A good advertising concept is needed to successfully advertise your company and inspire new customers. Whether with A-Boards or Advertising Displays - there are many ways to attract the attention of passing people. With our matching accessories for your advertising medium, you can show off your advertising in a great way. Whether a lighting for the showcase or brochure basket for the A-Board - we offer all the accessories you need. Read more...

Accesories for more flexibility

Our accessories offer the possibility to use your advertising media much more flexibly. For example, with a matching hanger set posters and billboards can not only be attached to the wall, but also be placed hanging in the middle of a room or shop window. Thus the sales area can be arranged completely dynamically, without considering the original layout. Even A-Boards can be transformed into an even more successful advertising medium with the right accessories. Using a brochure holder, advertising materials can be passed on to customers quickly and easily. This allows them to take a look at the offer in advance and then enter your shop with interest.

Accesories for more attention

In order to put a showcase even more in the spotlight, it can become a real eye-catcher with our accessories. A side-lighting impressively illuminates the range of products inside and attracts the attention of customers. Additional glass shelves in your showcase can also show off the articles to their best advantage. But other advertising media can also provide even more effective advertising for you with a few accessories. Every A-Board with a logo plate becomes the centre of interest. Customers immediately become aware of your company through the sign and not only keep the company name longer in their head, but also develop interest in your special offers. So you can make potential customers attentive also from larger distance at yourselves and increase your presence in the pedestrian zone.