Regardless of whether you want to present your own services to business customers or to show internal changes at employee meetings - you need a way to present ideas quickly and easily. A whiteboard is simply perfect for this purpose. Whether in business, in the office or for private purposes - it enables a good overview of upcoming projects and appointments at any time. So it can be used flexibly for the most different areas. Read more...


Whiteboard Twin Mobil

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Easy to write

The special feature of whiteboards is that you can easily write on them with special pens. This allows you to make notes on the whiteboard during a meeting and easily remove them again if necessary. As a result, you have the advantage of always being completely flexible in the design of your presentation. In contrast to a chalkboard, no dust is produced, as the sponge simply picks up the colour of the pencil without leaving any residue behind. So completely new possibilities arise. The practical storage tray attached to the whiteboard makes pencils and the board sponge easily accessible at any time and spontaneous ideas can be written down without problems.

Magnetic - for even more overview

But a whiteboard cannot only be used for writing. It also offers the possibility to use magnets. This is made possible by the steel plate on the back of your board. For example, sketches, pictures or important messages can be attached to the board for use as a notepad or information board. This allows changes to the duty schedule, for example, to be immediately displayed in the lounge. If necessary, you can remove them again so that the space is available for new documents or notes. The board is also very suitable for presentations, as ideas can easily be attached to your wall in the form of notes. This makes very flexible and creative presentations possible, which will convince any business customer.