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Triangular Stands

In this category you will find triangular stands and triangular displays made of aluminium and steel for the poster formats DIN A1, DIN A0 and DIN B1 for direct poster gluing and in weatherproof design for changing posters in outdoor areas. Read more...

Triple advertising with the triangular stand

You are looking for a triangular stand to present your advertisement or posters? Then you've come to the right place. In this category you will find a comprehensive selection of triangular stands. Browse through our offers and find the perfect design for your needs.

Space-saving and stable - for indoor and outdoor use

Our triangular stands are the perfect stylish and space-saving solution for your advertising posters. They can be easily and space-saving placed around lanterns or trees and offer three sides for your advertising. Do not be distracted by pillars in large halls or lanterns in front of your shop anymore and use them to present your advertising with a triangular stand. Effective, stylish and space-saving.

To glue on or to change posters? You have the choice

We offer you a wide range of triangular stands in various designs and sizes. You can choose between glueable stands and poster change stands. We also offer different sizes, such as DIN A1 or DIN B1, as well as different materials and profile widths. You have a lot of choice.

Stable, durable and robust

All our products are of high quality and "Made In Germany resp. Europe". They are stable, robust and have a long service life. Convince yourself of the practical display and place your advertising in the right light. These triangular stands are not only suitable for advertising posters, but also for exhibitions or information. Use the flexibility of these items for your purposes.