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Snap Frames individual

In this section you can request your snap frame in the desired size, a special version, your CD colour or with logo print on the profiles. Read more...

Do you have advertising material, posters, rare film posters or construction drawings in formats where the standard DIN dimensions do not help? Do you have to fit advertising frames into trade fair stands or shop fittings with millimetre precision? If so, we offer the option of ordering the matching frame in the required size.

Individual snap frames

Snap frames are the best instrument to protect your advertising posters, announcements or notices from damage. In our online shop we offer snap frames in all conceivable DIN A and DIN B sizes. But if your posters are something very special, then perhaps a prefabricated frame size is out of the question for you?

Snap frames in individual sizes

In this case - just contact us! We will find the perfect solution for all requirements. And this is often not that difficult to achieve - because we can provide you with a frame in almost any desired size. Tell us the appropriate dimensions and we will take care of the rest. After a short processing time you will have the frame that you always wanted for your project in hand.

Snap frame in individual design

But it is not only the size of the snap frame that allows us to make you an individual offer. Would you like a wide or a thin frame? Which colour may it be? And do you perhaps also have a desired material? Simply let us know your exact ideas in advance - and we'll tell you what's possible. Together, we will ensure that your posters are always presented in exactly the frame you have requested. And even if you are not quite sure what might fit best: Ask us, because we have years of experience in this field and can give you individual recommendations.