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Snap Frames DIN B2

This category offers you attractive aluminium snap frames in DIN B2 format (50x70 cm) for e.g. escape route plans or advertising posters. Read more...

Snap frames are a kind of picture frame in which posters, announcements, bannners and similar notices can be placed. These are protected and visually enhanced by the frame and glazing. But also in private rooms a snap frame can be an easy to use alternative to picture frames. Snap frames can be used at home.

Snap frame DIN B2 (500x700mm)

Of course, you can also hang a snap frame in your own living room. For example, do you like to use poster prints as a decorative stylistic element? Then you can change them at any time with just a few simple steps thanks to a snap frame. This saves you a lot of work that is often required when changing pictures with conventional picture frames. Your apartment or house will always be decorated in the way you feel it should be. This means you won't get bored when you're at home - and you can always give your guests new, beautiful and exciting things to discover. Snap frames are also an interesting alternative for your own home.

Snap frames in commercial environments

But of course the main use of snap frames takes place in a commercial environment. There are virtually no limits to the applications there. From advertising in shop windows, on walls, free-floating from the ceiling or somewhere else - a snap frame can help to attract more attention to every notice and protect it from destruction. So don't miss out on all the opportunities that a snap frame offers. Order one of our professional frames today, with which you can also improve your presentation. In our online shop you will find a wide range of variants - including those that are certainly suitable for your requirements.