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Snap Frames DIN B0

Here you will find aluminium snap frames for large posters in DIN B0 format (100x140cm) with sturdy clamping profiles. Do you have particularly large posters, pictures or banners that do not correspond to the usual DIN formats? Then you have come to the right place for frames that can also accommodate prints up to 100 x 140 cm. Read more...

Snap frame DIN B0 (1000x1400mm)

With an attractive snap frame you ensure that viewers of your advertising material and announcements can focus on the essentials. Cracks in the paper, dog-ears and other aesthetic disturbances are a thing of the past thanks to a professional frame with transparent front. So you can be sure that your message will convince with a great look.

Snap frame made of durable aluminium

Most of the snap frames in our portfolio are made of durable aluminium. This not only ensures a high-class appearance, but also guarantees that the frames remain functional in the long term. You would probably like to replace the contents from time to time - and with a professional snap frame made of aluminium this is no problem at all. On the contrary, it takes only a few steps and is almost effortless. The spring steel plates will not tire or wear out even after frequent opening and closing, but will still be as easy to operate as on the first day even after a long time.

Fireproof snap frames

These frames are not only extremely resistant, they are also usually fireproof or flame-retardant. They are therefore perfectly suited to house valuable items such as master craftsmen's letters, degrees or certificates. Because you would certainly like to share such things with your customers and make sure that they are not damaged in any way. A snap frame is then the insurance you need. So make sure you get the right snap frame for your needs today and beautify your workplace. With just a few clicks you will reach your destination in our online shop.