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Snap Frames DIN A4

Here you will find practical aluminium snap frames in DIN A4 format for e.g. small signs, escape route plans and pictures. Read more...

With a snap frame you can perfectly wrap your advertising message. Because a framed poster undoubtedly makes more impression than a simply hung poster. The frame also ensures that the paper does not wear out so quickly, looks attractive in the long term and saves you printing costs.

DIN A4 - the all-rounder

DIN A4 is one of the most used sizes for paper - we all use it almost daily for notes and the like. But it can also be used for advertising purposes. Not only self-created advertising posters can receive the suitable frame in this format. Unique things can also be brought to the spotlight. Perfect examples of this are documents or certificates that a company or its representative received. These are framed to better effect - and create trust and interest among potential customers. Things like membership certificates (for example from the guild or professional association) can be presented in a prominent position.

Display in shop windows

This is not only a way to attract customers who are already in your shop or office. If you have a shop window, there are also special snap frames that you can attach there. This gives you an opportunity to attract the attention of pedestrians. Be it with confidence-building certificates, with current offers or with prices for products displayed alongside. A DIN A4 snap frame is particularly suitable for all these advertising options - so let yourself be inspired by our product range.