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Snap Frames DIN A1

Here you can find a stylish aluminium snap frame in DIN A1 format for e.g. posters, building plans or drawings. Read more...

No matter how large the posters you want to use for advertising your offer are - we certainly have a matching snap frame on offer. Also in size DIN A1 we offer a wide range of frames, which let your posters shine in new brilliance. And this does not only make sense if you want to advertise a product or service.

Fast media change

Posters and snap frames are also ideal for announcements and information. Especially suitable for this purpose are those snap frames in which the contents can be exchanged in just a few simple steps. One example of this is the so-called slide-in frames. They have an insertion opening through which the media can be exchanged in a matter of seconds. So you can adapt not only in lightning speed your poster advertisement to the time or current offers - also in other areas you can direct the view on the substantial this way.

Announcements and information

Public buildings are also a perfect field of application for such snap frames. For example, when a library, a town hall, an office or a church wants to keep visitors informed about important news. In all these and many other cases, it is foreseeable that the corresponding posters will have to be replaced frequently. Here it is the easiest thing for all those involved to place their bets on an slide-in frame. Not only can you use it to keep your messages up to date, you can also put them in perspective. You will find the snap frame that will help you.