Showcases are the perfect place for many things, whether for valuable items to be sold in your shop or important private memorabilia that you want to keep in a safe place. They can be seen from all sides and are still well protected against dust and damage. This keeps everything in good condition. Read more...

Display Cases - for a good overview

Whether advertising posters, general plans or important announcements - a display case is simply the perfect choice when it comes to displaying news safely. It ensures that everything worth knowing stays safely in its place and cannot be stolen. In addition, the items are well protected from wind and rain, which guarantees a long shelf life. This means the latest information is always available and you can keep it up to date.

Display Cabinets - for the big appearance

Display cabinets are simply the best choice for setting the really important things in scene. The glass sides allow valuable items to be seen from all sides and they are still safe. This protects you from both theft and damage. In addition, the display cabinets ensure optimum attention.

Showcase Desks - for valuable little things

Whether jewellery, decorative items or slightly fragile items - everything should be well protected. In this way it is possible to ensure that everything remains in perfect condition, even in the case of a large number of customers. With a showcase desk these things can be set in scene. The big advantage is that supplies can be stored directly in the base cabinet and are immediately available if required.

Wall Display Cabinets - to save space

If you want to display a special piece without having to spend a lot of space, you should choose a wall display cabinet. Due to the space-saving mounting on a wall, no floor space is lost, but the special objects are still clearly visible at eye level. Whether valuable articles, awards or very fragile pieces - everything is well protected with a display cabinet.

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