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Showcase Desks

A showcase desk with ESG safety glass fits perfectly into a showroom and salesroom as well as representative trade fair stands. Read more...

A great way to highlight selected goods is the popular showcase desk. These are available in two versions: one is a showcase that can be mounted on a table or chest of drawers - and the other is a showcase that comes with a base cabinet. While the first version is easy to transport, the showcases with cabinets are particularly suitable where the display always has the same place. It is also nice to be able to install optional lighting in the showcase. Because then the exhibits are shown to their best advantage.

Versatile use

A high-quality showcase desk can be used for various purposes. Whether a restaurant or a bakery wants to display food, a shop wants to advertise its household goods or a jeweller wants to draw attention to some special pieces of his collection - in all these cases a showcase desk is often the right choice. After all, what is attractively decorated and can be placed in a showcase desk attracts the attention of potential customers. Who invests into such a showcase, should reserve the place for very special pieces of the assortment.

Individual options

The showcase can do even more than "just" provide an ambience for displaying objects. With the lockable base, supplies are immediately available when the exhibits are sold. In addition, more valuable items can be safely hidden away. Numerous possibilities for individualisation also make it possible to meet the requirements of the exhibits and the target group - from lamps to colours and materials, there are no limits to your imagination. With a high-quality showcase desk you can always draw attention to yourself and your product.