Whether at trade fairs or at large advertising festivals - a Roll-Up offers many advantages as advertising space. Be it the good image quality or the simple and easy transport of the advertising boards - with a Roll-Up every event can become a real advertising success. From now on you will shine at every event with a real eye-catcher when it comes to advertising. Read more...

Roll-Ups - to create an eye-catcher

To attract attention at a trade fair or a special festival in the city, it is not enough to just have a well chosen location. It is also necessary to ensure that customers' attention is drawn to your offers and services. Only those who achieve this from the very first moment can be sure that they have done everything possible to acquire new customers. With a Roll-Up advertising poster you ensure that every customer is interested in your business or company at first glance. This not only guarantees that the customer wants to know more. He will also subconsciously perceive the professional appearance of your company and will therefore be enthusiastic about your articles very quickly. At the same time you can increase the awareness of your company among customers, competitors and retailers.

Simple and flexible

The special feature of Roll-Ups is that they are incredibly light and easy to transport. This means they can be used anytime and anywhere. Just attach the poster to the holder and you have an effective and stylish advertising banner that will make every customer stop. After an event, the Roll-Up is simply re-rolled and can be safely packed in your luggage. This ensures the necessary flexibility in your day-to-day business.

Outdoor Roll-Ups - suitable for any weather

The easy-to-use Roll-Ups are not only a good choice in shops. They can also be used outdoors, as they are very robust and durable. They can withstand wind and rain without problems and are ready for use in all weathers. This will also convince your customers immediately. These models are equipped with a handle and wheels to facilitate transport to the place of use. This allows any employee to reposition it quickly.

In this category you will find clever Roll-Up displays for the attractive presentation of your advertising message. Some of the models are also equipped with a freely designable panel where you can add your individual logo.