Poster Systems

In order to present posters effectively to the customer, a suitable poster system is essential. It ensures that the advertising posters are easy to attach and can be changed quickly if necessary. This creates a new and professional impression in your company at all times. Read more...

Poster Frames - for weatherproof advertising

If you also want to present yourself outdoors with great posters in the right light, our poster frames are a good choice. They ensure that posters are well protected from wind and weather and remain in perfect condition for a long time. The advertising posters are also protected against attacks by a lock function and can be admired by your customers around the clock. Since the frames take up little space, they are a good choice even in tight spaces. The poster can be changed flexibly as required. So your advertising campaigns are always up to date.

Poster Stretchers - perfect for any shop window

Poster Stretchers are perfect for showcasing posters in shop windows or the store itself. They ensure that the posters remain securely in place and can be hung up without folds or waves. The discreet frames keep focus on the poster and cleverly draw customers' attention to new offers. Poster Stretchers offer the option to be used from both sides. This allows you to be completely flexible in your design and always impress your customers with the latest advertising posters.

Snap Frames - for flexible changing

Snap frames are the perfect solution for displaying posters in an effective way, especially with quickly changing offers or assortments. The simple silver frame does not distract attention from your poster while keeping it in place. The folding sides of these frames allow advertising posters to be exchanged quickly and easily. So it' s no problem if the offers change daily or weekly - your snap frames are always up to date.