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Museum Showcases

Dust Protection Showcases for Museums, Galleries and Exhibition Halls from delight.de

Artworks, showpieces, exclusive exhibits, certificates, jewellery and much more should be presented effectively and safely at the same time. Our showcases are dust-proof and fulfil all conditions to perfectly display your most precious objects and at the same time protect them from unauthorized access. Read more...

Exhibition showcases for special purposes

Showcases are used in museums, galleries and exhibition spaces to present and secure valuable exhibits. They should have a representative appearance and score with high functionality. The showcases must be dustproof, made of safety glass, equipped with a lock and feature an elegant, timeless design. Our dust protection showcases are robust, durable and made of high-quality materials. You will enjoy your showcase for a long time for use in museums and exhibition halls - and your most precious individual pieces will be effectively presented.

Exciting lighting effects

In order to attract visitors' attention to the objects on display, museum or dust protection showcases generally have effective interior lighting with energy-saving LEDs. Depending on your choice, they provide warm or cold light and thus help to present the exhibits. At the same time, the lighting creates a special room ambience.

Museum showcases with highest material quality

Toughened safety glass (ESG) ensures that the showcases are dust-proof and at the same time protected against vandalism. Safety glass is characterized by a special manufacturing process that makes it more impact-resistant than conventional glass. It is also less sensitive to temperature fluctuations. You can place your museum showcases in both cold and warm rooms or in buildings with varying temperatures. Doors that can be locked with a cylinder lock protect the exhibits from thieves. Height-adjustable feet are practical when the display cases are set up on uneven surfaces, for example in old buildings.

Representative design with museum showcases

The fact that a display case is dust-proof does not mean that its design is merely functional - on the contrary. Our showcase for museums and galleries is characterised by timelessly beautiful details such as aluminium profiles, deep black lacquered doors and floors made of high-quality safety glass. Dust protection showcases are not only suitable for commercial use or use in public spaces. Also in prestigious private rooms, for example in libraries, entrances or salons, our showcases with dust-proof properties ensure that your visitors' and guests' eyes are directed straight to the contents of the showcases.

Discover our museum showcases now and choose exactly the one that suits your needs.