Light Boxes

In this category you will find your eye-catching light box for indoor and outdoor use made to your specifications. Read more...

A light box makes your advertising visible even in the dark

Light boxes are available in many different shapes and designs for indoor and outdoor use. With appropriate lettering or motifs, illuminated or backlit advertising attracts a great deal of attention, especially at dusk, at night or in unfavourable weather conditions. The materials used and the built-in technology/electrics are designed for low-maintenance and long-lasting operation.

The LED illumination enables an extra-flat design

Especially through the use of LEDs can save up to 70% energy compared to the old fluorescent lamps. The LED light box can be built much flatter, the illumination is much more homogeneous and even the failure of individual LEDs does not or hardly affect the operation. An additional argument in favour of LED illuminated advertising is the long service life of LEDs compared to fluorescent lamps. In the interior, illuminated frames with a basic depth of less than 30 mm are usually used, in which the light is guided laterally into specially processed acrylic sheets and distributed.

The light box without frame

A particularly elegant light box shape is the frameless design with textile covering, since here only the material thickness of the box and a narrow groove are visible in the view, not the frame profile. This variant is ideal for installation in shop furniture or shop window decoration, for example. Equipped with an appropriate motif, such a box is also a real eye-catcher in offices, in the foyer and even in museums.

Illuminated outdoor advertising

For outdoor weatherproof light boxes, an aluminium body with a basic depth of 150 mm and LED illumination is an inexpensive option. If you wish a flatter design, this is also possible. We can reduce the basic depth by up to 80 mm without compromising the quality of the illumination. However, considerably more LED modules will then have to be installed, which will have a corresponding effect on the price. If illuminated advertising has to be suitable for constantly changing motifs, LED illuminated frames with clamping profiles are ideal, which are now available not only for indoor but also for outdoor use.

In this product category you will find a light box that meets your requirements and needs. For special applications or outdoor areas you can order your desired box from us and choose the format, illumination, colour or lettering according to your ideas.