LED Illuminated Frames

Present your pictures, posters and photos in the right light and show style and class. An LED illuminated frame makes your posters and co. shine and draws attention to the essential: the motif. Depending on the intended application, you will always find exactly the right product. All our LED illuminated frames have one thing in common: they light up effectively and energy-saving. Read more...

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LED illuminated frame Pop 2go

starting from 260,61 € * (Net: 219,00 €)


LED Light Frame 50 textile

starting from 260,61 € * (Net: 219,00 €)


LED Light Frame 50 Textil WoodLine

starting from 296,31 € * (Net: 249,00 €)


LED Textile Stretch Frame 65

starting from 236,81 € * (Net: 199,00 €)


LED frame Economy

starting from 79,51 € * (Net: 66,81 €)


LED Lightbox Lite

starting from 116,62 € * (Net: 98,00 €)


LED light box Lite DIN A1

202,18 € * (Net: 169,90 €)


Shipping time: 8 - 9 workdays**

Acoustic frame

starting from 684,25 € * (Net: 575,00 €)


LED Frameless Light Frame Premium

starting from 415,31 € * (Net: 349,00 €)


Luminescent effects for efficient advertising

An advertising motif requires attention and your company logo, special awards or photos of your team need one thing above all: to be seen. To make this especially successful, use our LED illuminated frames - and you can be sure that your motifs will be seen perfectly day and night. We offer LED illuminated frames in a wide variety of sizes and thus for a wide variety of applications: in B1 (700x1000 millimetres) and B2 (500x700 millimetres) formats or in A4 to A0 formats - choose the right size for your motif and location. In shop windows, offices and public buildings, but also in canteens, cafeterias or event halls, the LED illuminated frames put your motifs in the best light.

Smart construction

Depending on the model, we offer frameless models in which the poster, picture or photos stand for themselves, without distraction through the frame. The motif is evenly illuminated by bright LEDs and thus has an excellent effect in the room. Models with more or less pronounced frames are also part of our range. They frame your advertising message effectively and direct the eye of the viewer to your picture. Depending on the model, the rear wall, which is made of aluminium with white reflector foil - and thus also functions as a heat exchanger for the LEDs - or white plastic, serves as a light reflector and, depending on the motif, ensures particularly brilliant colours, excellent image presentation and very even illumination. Motifs on so-called Backlite film, also called Translucent film, are particularly suitable for illumination. An anti-reflective film protects your design and ensures that it is perfectly presented in all lighting conditions.

Easy handling

The change of the motive is done with few steps and can be carried out uncomplicated also by non-professionals. Depending on whether you choose a frameless model or a visible profile, the handling also differs. With a frameless LED frame, simply pull the rubber piping out of the aluminium profile to remove an image and push the piping with the new design back in - done. Use one of our models with frames, open the clamping profiles, remove the poster together with the protective film and insert the new motif including the protective film. Now only the clamping profiles have to be closed again. Our LED illuminated frames impress with a frame made of anodised aluminium with laser-engraved acrylic glass panels and are therefore a stylish object on the wall, ceiling and floor.

Excellent energy balance

LEDs are extremely economical in energy consumption and score with low heat generation. The service life of the LEDs we use is around 50,000 hours, which is approximately six years at 24 hours continuous operation. Even if individual LEDs should fail, their functionality is not affected. Our LED light frames are therefore practically maintenance-free. Never replace defective fluorescent lamps again and dispose of them properly. Here not only the direct costs for the purchase of new lamps play a role, but rather the personnel costs for the time needed for replacement and possibly also travel costs. If you buy a LED illuminated frame, then please consider these points and you will see that such a frame pays for itself faster than you might think!

Take advantage of this energy-saving way to cleverly present your messages and have a look at our category for LED illuminated frames.