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Infection protection

Here we offer you useful displays and stands on the subject of infection protection, infection prevention and disinfection. These displays are for use in the entrance and cash desk areas of supermarkets, retail stores, offices, surgeries, public facilities as well as in the catering and hotel sector and wherever there is customer, visitor and guest traffic. Read more...

spitting protection walls and info displays

For the protection of employees, guests and customers and to comply with the distance rules, there are different ways to comply with these requirements. The simplest is to set up or hang spit protection walls made of clear acrylic glass in the cash desk area, on tables and counters. In different sizes, material thicknesses and with a reach-through at the bottom, they offer effective protection against coughing, sneezing and spitting. The crystal-clear material ensures unhindered visual contact with the person opposite. If the walls are not needed at some point, they can be quickly and space-savingly dismantled and stored away again at any time.

Another variant of spit and hygiene protection walls are our Roll Up Displays with a transparent and wipeable plastic foil, which can be set up quickly and placed in any place in the shop, hairdresser's shop or office. You can also equip clamping rails with these clear foils and then hang them from the ceiling. In this way workstations can be separated and the employees still have a clear view of their surroundings.

disinfection stand and disinfectant

Of course, comprehensive protection against infection requires disinfection stands that are set up in the entrance area and give both employees and customers the opportunity to disinfect their hands before or after entering the business premises. We offer various models for this purpose, ranging from standard small dispenser bottles to stands with hand and elbow levers and splash protection bowls, and made of metal, aluminium or wood. For refilling existing dispenser bottles we also offer a hand disinfectant in 1 litre bottles. The 5% glycerine content makes it particularly skin-friendly.

mouth and face protection and community masks for everyone

Still important and not wrong even with normal illnesses and e.g. influenza epidemics are the makeshift masks or mouth-nose masks as well as the certified FFP2 / KN95 mouth and face masks. Whether used individually, in packs of 5 or 50, they offer a certain degree of protection against the spread of viruses and germs through coughing, sneezing and normal exhalation in both private and professional life. Depending on the design you protect yourself and/or at least your surroundings and fellow men.