Illuminated Advertising

When night falls, the city begins to glow - a large number of advertising posters and banners will draw people into shops. But especially in smaller cities the shopping streets often remain dark. Don't miss this advantage - inspire your customers day and night with the right illuminated advertising. Read more...

A real eye-catcher - by day and night

When the sun vanishes behind the houses and the street lamps are switched on, any impressive and colourful decoration quickly becomes an unimpressive mass. With a Light Box or a Light Column in front of your own shop, customers will also be aware of your business in the evening and at night, because the light provides the uniqueness required. This is how you and your company stand out around the clock and quickly become a permanent presence in the market. Illuminated advertising can be an important tool not only at night, but also during the day. Whether in a shopping street or a shopping centre - offers can become a real sales hit with the right luminous advertising. As a result, pedestrians become aware of your business from afar and the number of visitors increases.

Illuminated advertising stands out

When something glows, it stands out from the masses and even arouses the curiosity of people who hectically follow their daily lives. Take advantage of this knowledge and put your advertising in the spotlight quickly and easily. With a light box, every poster becomes an eye-catcher that immediately makes customers want to get to know your business or your company better. Especially in a busy shopping street it is not easy to draw customers' attention to your offer. With a light box in the shop window, which makes the current articles or services of the season clearly visible to every customer, pedestrians are also quickly informed about your shop and encouraged to buy. After all, an illuminated poster is much more eye-catching and interesting than a poster in a window that only wants to attract attention with a good design and is eventually missed by the customer.

Order your professional illuminated advertising now and attract attention!