Whether at a presentation to colleagues or in a company meeting - it is often not easy to show certain aspects. With a flipchart you have the possibility to make your ideas and visions visible to others - easily and quickly. Read more...


Visual support for your presentation

Whether a statistic about the progress of a new project or a list of tasks that still have to be completed - with a mobile board you can record what is important for all listeners. This way it is also possible for large groups to bring everyone up to the same level of knowledge. The great advantage is that, for example, the assigned tasks can be placed in a clearly visible position for everyone to keep an overview. This is why flipcharts are ideal not only in offices, but also in classrooms, as, unlike a blackboard, they have a long-lasting reminder function.

Flipcharts are also perfect for any spontaneously required sketches or statistics. It is therefore not necessary to include elaborate sketches in a presentation in advance to make them visible to everyone using a projector. If an understanding problem arises, a mobile board can be used to quickly address the situation and find an individual solution.

Practical and stable

Because a flipchart is made of very light materials, it is perfect for people who want to stay mobile. For example, it can be easily taken to a trade fair or quickly and visibly placed when the office space changes. The models with integrated castors make this mobility even easier.

The steel used has not only the advantage that it is light and yet stable. It also offers you the use of magnets. In a meeting, for example, various suggestions can be magnetically attached to the flipchart. This provides a good overview for everyone and ensures more clarity during the session. This allows you to get everyone involved to concentrate longer and to work on the project with motivation.