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Digital Signage

In this category you can expect high-quality digital signage solutions for an active customer approach at busy locations, in shop windows and at the PoS. Read more...

The well-known advertising poster is increasingly becoming obsolete. In a digital world, it is increasingly important to offer customers what they like: namely digital screens. Even in supermarkets and on shopping streets more and more digital advertising spaces are being installed. This form of advertising, known as digital signage, has numerous advantages over traditional posters.

Digital Signage - Message at the touch of a button

Now it is possible to send the desired advertising message at the push of a button. The advantage is obvious: you can adjust the content of your messages within minutes or even seconds. This allows a high degree of actuality and personalization, for example if you send different messages depending on the current time. In addition, costs can be saved sustainably after the one-time purchase, since no one has to replace the old posters with new ones (which also saves printing costs). This also reduces the burden on the environment, as no more waste paper is produced. These points ensure that poster advertising is taken to a new level.

Use in stations, hospitals and schools

But digital signage is not only very valuable for advertising. The advantages are also obvious for publishers who can get their news to consumers in seconds. This often happens, for example, at railway stations, where waiting passengers can be informed and entertained through editorial content. Digital signage is also being used more and more frequently in non-profit institutions such as hospitals or schools. In hospitals, for example, internal information such as leisure activities or menus can be added to the television programme. In schools, for example, substitution plans can be adjusted in real time and shared with teachers and students. The possibilities are almost unlimited - and will become even more multifaceted with the development of technology. Therefore, every company should consider whether and how digital signage can be used to its own advantage.