Custom Made Products

In addition to the standard products in our online shop we also realize special requests. No matter whether it is about special lengths for clamp profiles or special sizes for snap frames and illuminated frames, we are your partner for the implementation. Some You can calculate and order products directly in our online shop according to individual measurements, for other articles we are looking forward to your inquiries.

Search e.g. classic brochure boxes and flyer holders made of cardboard ?

In addition to the standard boxes, which you can also find unprinted in our online shop, we can produce almost any design, which is technically possible. Tell us your ideas and send us a sketch/drawing, sample pictures as well as exact details of the design/application and we check whether there are already suitable product plans or punching dies/tools etc. have to be created and manufactured especially for your needs. Of course, individual printing wishes are also taken into account, so that the product really meets your ideas.
For more complex displays, we recommend building a white sample in advance for evaluation the product details and stability. With such an effort it is clear that at least a few hundred or even thousand displays should be produced in order to arrive at an economical unit price.

The classic cardboard boxes are printed in offset printing with up to 4 colours. That is why it is important with the inquiry, to specify the number of colours to be printed. For offset printing the price is also calculated according to the number of colours calculated.
For printing small editions of brochure boxes, we offer the rotary dispenser version. Here the individualization is done as a one-sided digital print. The rotary dispensers are therefore easier to individual wishes can be adapted. The materials used are cardboard with an openly visible wave/structure in various grammages are used. Production starts here from 50 pieces. Depending on the exact design, the Unit price usually from approx. 250/300 pieces in favour of the above mentioned version with offset printing.

In addition to tabletop displays, we can also offer you floor stands for product presentation. For this purpose, you can choose from existing display stand shapes and designs, which will then be printed individually according to your requirements. This is the most cost-effective way to produce individualized merchandise racks for sales promotions. Of course, completely custom display stand shapes and designs are also possible, adapted to your requirements. Contact us at any time with a qualified inquiry.

We can also produce in acrylic, polystyrene, wood, metal...

In addition to the cardboard stands, we can of course also supply acrylic and other materials. Acrylic glass from brand manufacturers has a UV resistance of 30 years, a very high transparency and is easy to process. Acrylic can be edged, bent as well as drilled, sanded, engraved and printed, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. possible applications.

In this way very individual and high-quality displays can be created and refined. Besides the planning of execution and design, we look for the right partner for the production and plan the timely dispatch to your warehouse or also to your individual branches at home and abroad.

Ideally, you already have concrete ideas about the appearance, range of functions, the materials as well as from the budget and from the initial consultation to delivery takes only about 3 weeks. As a rule However, you should plan a little more time because there are often small changes that need to be made, which are implemented in the planning and, if necessary, have to be examined and reconfirmed on the basis of a new sample or test print before it goes into final mass production.
If you or your customer do not have a clear idea of what is wanted and what budget is available, a creative agency should first be consulted to determine at least the most important key points. Since we are in the are not a creative or advertising agency in the classical sense, we need a minimum of data, on the basis of which we can provide you with Taking into account the technical possibilities, being able to make suitable product proposals and further develop them. If required, we will gladly put you in contact with an advertising agency.

In addition to brochure holders, we also make displays for the presentation of goods such as acrylic displays for jewelry, watches and other high-quality goods that are to be attractively displayed in shop windows, showcases or at the PoS. In doing so, we plan together with you how your wishes and requirements can best be implemented. Due to our long-standing presence on the market, we have many contacts and production partners for the most diverse requirements. In addition to planning, design and form creation, wishes such as individual branding via printing or engraving are also taken into account.
Since the production for individual displays is not "outsourced" to Asia, it is usually possible to respond to requests at quite short notice and produce/deliver the goods. Depending on the request, delivery is already possible from small series. Samples are also no problem and a must for individualized displays before production release. Furthermore, different processing or finishing of the surfaces and packaging or packaging requests can be taken into account.

Of course, our product range also includes illuminated advertising and LED letter systems

From classic outdoor light boxes in individual formats, colours and inscriptions via LED illuminated frames, which differ from the standard DIN formats, up to LED single letters and advertising pylons we certainly also offer the product you're looking for.

Take for example an advertising pylon, which can be equipped with straight or curved advertising surfaces, one, two, three or even four-sided. How big do you want your advertising pylon to be? You can choose up to 2 meters wide and 8 meters high. Several Surface and front designs, side lighting and labelling options are available as standard. If that is not enough, optional time, date and temperature displays or display cases as well as individually exchangeable labelling areas or special shapes can be integrated with inserted or attached light boxes. Here we try, to reconcile your wishes with what is technically feasible.

Production is generally carried out in Germany in accordance with German social and environmental standards and the facilities comply with the current state of the art and the applicable safety requirements in the EU.

Exterior light box Interior in individual formats & designs
Exterior light box Interior view with built-in technology - in individual formats & designs
LED single letters for indoor & outdoor use
LED single letters from full acrylic or with aluminium frame for indoor & outdoor use
advertising pylon with integrated showcase for menus
advertising pylon in RAL colour + lettering + integrated showcase for menus
Advertising pylon with decuperated + illuminated logo
Advertising pylon with two-coloured foil plot and decuperated + illuminated logo

In addition to the planning of design and equipment as well as the choice of materials, the selection of the right production partner is an important point. Here we can draw from a network for the different Select requirements. We have been working with some of our partners for over 10 years and know and appreciate the quality as well as the correct and fast order processing.

For the dispatch of the displays we also rely on well-known transport companies, with whom we have had good experience for years've done. For each project we decide with whom the logistics service is best and most cost-effective whereby not always the cheapest is necessarily the best for your project. It would be more than annoying the finished displays are not on site in time, or ?

Note: For standard products from our online shop we no longer create offers with an offer value of less than 50.00€ net. Our capacities are limited and are intended for a fast processing of "more complex" requests for non-standard products can be used. We rely on your understanding, because ultimately all customers benefit from profit.