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Clamping Rails

In this category we offer easy-to-use aluminium clamping rails for posters and banners in 3 different versions. Read more...

Simple and flexible decoration

Are you looking for a simple and flexible way to mount your posters? With our aluminium clamping rails we offer an elegant and inexpensive solution to put your posters in the limelight. In this category we offer various designs for posters and banners.

Easy to hang up, easy to remove

With our clamping rails you can mount your posters with little effort and in a short time, but also remove them again. Simply clamp the poster at the top and bottom between the rails and you're done. The soft foam rubber inserts protect your poster from damage.

Present information in style

If you present the daily menu of your restaurant on a poster or if you communicate information to your employees frequently, then an attractive presentation of your information is important. Our products offer the ideal opportunity to provide your information in style, simply and inexpensively, to spread advertising messages or to decorate rooms attractively.

Clamping rails: long, longer, longest

The rails are stable and available in different lengths for all standard DIN formats. Our shop has two versions of the clamping rails: The poster clamping rail Snap and the banner clamping rail Clamp. With Snap, the 26 mm wide clamping profiles are equipped with spring steel plates, which ensure the correct tension even after frequent use. Clamp has a significantly higher clamping effect. This clamping rail variant is intended for large and heavy banners.

Discover quality at a modest price

The clamping rails are of good quality at affordable cost. Ideal for quickly redecorating and setting in scene decorative or advertising posters, we offer an impressive selection of different clamping rail variants for your purposes. Choose between numerous sizes which you need.