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With a Citylight Display from our product range you can achieve an outstanding advertising effect. The energy-saving and low-maintenance LED lighting also helps you to optimise maintenance costs. Read more...

Large-area lighting - attracting attention in the cityscape

The size of the City Light Poster of 1185 × 1750 mm alone makes the posters stand out. If you add the display body to this, you get a highly visible display that is already well known in many cities. The different models we offer are all characterised by high-quality and durable workmanship and durability, which are predestined for many years of outdoor use. Anodised or powder-coated aluminium hollow chamber profiles, front glazing made of ESG safety glass, concealed rotating hinges and safety locks as well as the internal clamping of the posters and the seals are features that are standard in these stands.

One Citylight Display with LED backlight for perfect illumination

Your advertising motifs are shown off to their best advantage by the extensive and even illumination of the advertising space using modern LED technology and light diffusing panels made of translucent acrylic glass inside the displays. In addition to the single-sided wall models, we also offer Citylights that can be used on both sides for installation in bus shelters, for example, and free-standing City-Light columns as pedestal models. Furthermore, you can choose between a more classic and a modern, very straightforward design with full glass fronts.

Let your City Light posters shine in the best possible light!