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Acoustic & Soundproof Frames

In contrast to normal frameless (light) frames, a special sound-absorbing foam is inserted inside the acoustic frames. This is processed, depending on the profile depth, in a thickness of 20 mm or 40 mm. Thus, a soundproof frame in an attractive design and printed with your desired motif, so that even a pleasant room atmosphere is created. Continue reading...

Soundproofing as a visual eye-catcher in the office

Depending on the design, the frames are supplied with printed textile banners on one or both sides, which of course have B1 fire protection certification. By choosing the motifs, you can significantly determine the subsequent visual impression at the place of use. Of course, the motifs can also be changed at any time. The non-illuminated frames can be mounted on walls and ceilings with a depth of only 22 mm. Depending on the profile, it is also possible to produce very large frame formats, which can be used to completely "cover" a wall or ceiling and thus achieve maximum sound absorption. With the illuminated versions, one emphasizes the motif even more and can create a certain mood in the room or strengthen it even more.

Free-standing acoustic frames for flexible use

Especially in high-traffic areas such as banks or open-plan offices, where you need to hold customer meetings in a noisy environment, the freestanding frames play to their strengths. Planned in the appropriate size and printed with motifs on both sides, they create a pleasant feel-good atmosphere for employees and customers alike. These soundproof frames delineate the individual areas very well, provide visual protection and, most importantly, effective sound insulation that significantly reduces the immediate noise level. Get started now and plan together with us the use of a visually appealing sound insulation according to your needs.