About us

We, the company DELIGHT Displays, can look back on more than twenty years of company history. Here you can learn more about our beginnings and the development of our company.

From music label to DELIGHT displays

The company Delight was founded in 1997 as a music label, which mainly distributed electronic dance music. One year later the company moved to Lessingstraße in Dessau-Roßlau, where it is still located today. Until 2003 other departments were added, such as a music publishing house and a promotion department, which were run under the name Coolhouse Promotion.

When it came to the crisis in the music industry, the managing directors decided to make the trade and distribution of advertising displays our new line of business and founded the company DELIGHT Displays in 2003. Our online shop was published in October 2003.

Since the second founding member passed away in 2004, Matthias Spieler took over the management of the company and still leads the company today. In the course of time, the office space was enlarged several times in order to create space for additional employees and more storage space for new products. By 2009, the company had grown to four employees.

With the introduction of a new merchandise management system in 2010, orders could be processed faster and more effectively since then. The third major shop relaunch took place in 2015 in order to be able to offer customers an even more attractive and clearer online presence. The relocation of the warehouse to new premises was also implemented this year.

We will not stand still in 2016 either and have completed the change to a new merchandise management system that is specifically geared to the requirements of online trading. This is also accompanied by the change of the shop system with some improvements in the use and additional functions and of course also the expansion of our product portfolio.

Our principles

Since we attach great importance to the fact that our products have a good quality and nevertheless correspond to the market price, a majority of our articles are manufactured in Europe. Through the manufacturers and suppliers, with whom we have maintained a good and cooperative partnership for years, we can provide you with the guarantee of high-quality workmanship.

Since we pay great attention to sustainability, our shipment in 2014 was converted to the climate-neutral method. In this way we do not pollute the environment and thus ensure a good climate balance. The environmental impact is also kept as low as possible internally. For example, most of our documents are sent digitally so that we don't have to use paper.