A-Boards & Pavement Signs DIN B2

In this category we offer practical A-Boards and pavement signs DIN B2 (50x70) made of aluminium for indoor and outdoor use. Read more...

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For every owner of a shop, the use of A-Boards is an essential part of their daily work. Whether in the shopping mall or in a large shopping centre - with our A-Board and pavement sign size DIN B2 you attract the attention of every pedestrian to your company. You will be surprised how the number of customers will increase.

Acquiring new customers

In order to attract customers in a busy shopping mall, you have to advertise your business. What could be better for a crowd hurrying by than a A-Board slowing down their path? This allows you to quickly draw attention to the offers shown on your pavement sign. As a result, pedestrians develop an interest in your shop and visit it earlier.

A-Boards - stable and practical

However, an pavement sign does not only have to draw attention of potential customers to the company. It should also be stable and practical. The aluminium advertising frames are suitable for all weathers. Due to a precisely fitting foil, advertising posters do not get wet and the A-Boards are also firmly in place in windy conditions. To protect them from theft during the night, they can simply be folded up and brought inside. This allows flexible installation and removal at any time without much effort.