DELIGHT Displays

When you have your own shop, or provide a service to customers, it is not always easy to find the right kind of advertising.  At Delight Displays, we specialise in finding the right solution for every promotional campaign. We offer a range of items, from light boxes for a shop exterior, to brochure stands for flyers inside the shop, so that you will always find the right option to attract potential customers to your business.

Digital print - for truly brilliant colours

If you want your advertising to look really great, having a good design is not the only thing you need. The quality of the print has a decisive influence on the impression that you make. A flyer that is printed badly is not only difficult to read, it also gives the impression that your business is not professional. When it comes to printing, you should rely on us. Our digital printing makes your promotional material look just how you imagined it should look.

Advertising with light - to catch people's attention

After dark, or in a shopping centre that has poor lighting, a litte bit of light will make your advertising stand out and attract the attention of potential customers. You can make the opening times of your business, or a special offer, much more visible using light in your advertising. Passers-by will be tempted to look at an offer that otherwise they would probably not have noticed. This is especially true if your business has long opening hours, since an illuminated sign can be used to let people know that your business is still open. So, this kind of advertising is attractive, and also serves a useful purpose.

Placard systems - to make a big impact

A placard always makes a good first impression. Whether it is a weatherproof sheet or fabric construction for the area around the entrance, a placard can convey the most essential points of information to the customer very quickly. A big advantage of this advertising method is that the size is flexible This makes the offer visible from a distance, and attracts new customers to come and have a look.

A boards - to attract more attention

Everyday life is so busy, that most people don't have much time to look closely at their surroundings. That's why shops are sometimes simply overlooked when people are hurrying past. A A-board can immediately draw attention to your business, and its goods or services. You can place a well-designed placard in a visible spot on the pavement, or in the main thoroughfare of the shopping centre, and make people aware of your business. And it's great that A boards are also weatherproof. This means you can carry on advertising, no matter what the weather is like.

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We wish you a lot of fun discovering new ways of advertising your business!